Don Sayers was an award-winning artist based outside of Boulder, Colorado.

Don’s painting style evokes emotion through thoughtfully placed line and color. The bones of each piece of art are the underlying drawings, which often incorporate both tightly rendered and gestural elements. In fact, to Don, the drawing was equally important to the paint color choice and application. Significant compositional aspects of the painting are driven by the spin and visualization that the underlying drawing gives the piece. Don's paint medium was acrylic, which he applied on yupo synthetic paper, canvas, or board.

The Iowa State Fair was Don’s first state-level exhibit; he was in fourth grade. During Junior High, his style evolved through making chalk copies of MAD magazine artwork. A career in clinical psychology and social work intervened until he rediscovered drawing at the age of 46. Don studied with dozens of talented instructors in the US and Mexico after that midlife awakening. Inspiration often came from painting his travels in such diverse locales as British Columbia, Chiapas, the Marquesas, and Colorado. He was an active participant in the figure drawing & painting groups of Boulder and Longmont. Don's artwork has earned local, regional, and national attention.

Please get better acquainted with Don and his artwork by perusing the pages of this website including the online gallery. Please note that purchases and showings are halted for the time being; if interested, check back soon for updated contact information.

Title: Girl and Bridge (detail)

Title: Girl and Bridge (detail)